Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Most Important Benefits of Effectively Using LinkedIn Business Page and Enhancing B2B Sales

“From an audience standpoint, LinkedIn is the 13th most-visited digital property in the United States (according to ComScore), making it larger than Time, Hearst, Conde Nast, BuzzFeed, ESPN, and The New York Times”, says Joe Pullizi, founder, content marketing Institute. 

Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn, has put Microsoft ahead of FB & Google, in the comScore Top 50 Multi-Platform Properties. Imagine the impact it can create on B2B branding and Sales.

Based on survey conducted by LinkedIn, a single update helps reaching 20% of those follow the company page, 60% with one or more updates. A minimum 20 updates are suggested per month.

Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn
Source: Comscore Media Metrix Multi-Platform

Marketing: use LinkedIn company page for promotions & discounts, new product launch, direct and real time interaction with the potential clients. LinkedIn is considered the best tool to analyse what your competitors are doing and how you can create brand that stands unique among your competitors. Market, Competitive analysis becomes easy with LinkedIn.

Competitive Advantage: A summary or description and the way it is written to make the business to stand unique helps in achieving competitive advantage. The best way to use your user stories, viral videos and images and reach out to maximum number of serious clients is possible only with LinkedIn profile page. Content marketing institute states that 94% of B2B marketing professionals utilize LinkedIn to distribute content and consider the better medium than their business websites and blogs.

Lead Generation: Unlike any other social media tools, LinkedIn is the only tool that provides a platform to connect with the right leads without wasting our precious time on non-serious clients. One can effectively manage lead cohort ideas, lead capturing and lead demand by using LinkedIn business page.

Benefits of LinkedIn Company Page - SLN BRAND STUDIO

Sales:The benefits described in Marketing, Lead Generation and Competitive Advantage automatically lead to improving your sales through LinkedIn company page. Developing a strong sales team is extremely important for a company to grow and generate revenue. Is there any other social media portal give companies the world best candidates? LinkedIn profile gives 360 degrees view about a candidate and choosing the best one through LinkedIn is the best solution available.

Jill and Ardath Albee co-authored a book named ‘Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code’. As per the research conducted in 2013, they concluded that 84% of Business Owners use LinkedIn as a powerful tool to acquire business opportunities, generate leads and close business. The power of using LinkedIn company page to improve business, enhance operational efficiency and generate revenue has gone multi-levels high in three years.

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