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Using Professional Resume Writers: Is it Worth the Money?

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Congratulations first of all, reading this post itself pushes you one more step towards your dream job. 

"Writing a resume is not as hard as it seems. There are simple guides to write a winning resume available online. 
Then, why should I pay someone to write my resume?"
"Why can’t I just go ahead with the resume that I have?"
SLN Brand Studio face such queries many times, especially, during our professional brand building sessions. 

As we insist on having a resume that not only get you a job but also elevates your brand image, first thing people do is, assume it as our marketing gimmicks. But, the minute they see their resume done, BANG ON! They understand the impact it can create on the prospective employer. 

As you are aware, be it entry level or a senior level, resume is the key to open ‘that’ prospective job. Having a key is one thing, using the right one that can open the lock is another thing. Isn’t it?

An appropriate professional writer is like a key maker who can build one to open the lock of that treasure job. 
"Hiring a resume writer will bring in huge ROI on your job search investment"
Having a discussion with the professional writer is a kind of attending a counselling session with the psychologists. You will get to know more information and knowledge about yourself, job and industry. They help in making decisions regarding the future for the freshers, career growth for the intermediates and change in life for the senior level people.
In this globalized world, the competitions are plenty more than the opportunities, we need to fight more with new weapons to overcome the war. 

Save your Precious Time by Hiring a Professional Resume Writer:

Time is crucial; if you spend time on building your resume again and again after going through free samples, templates available online, the probability of missing the best opportunity is higher. Professional writers save your precious time by having a process in place which retrieves the key information from you. 

As they work on building your resume, you focus on building a new skill or developing a network that can fetch you a better job.

Time saved is money saved, by hiring a resume writer, you already started saving money.

Paying for writing a resume is the investment with huge ROI:

Did you know, 80% of our clients come to us without a clue about what they want to do as a next step? As they interact more and more with us to prepare their resume, they get an idea of how the industry works, where exactly they need to focus, how to shortlist the jobs from various portals and in&out of job search methodology.

Hire a Professional Resume Writer
By the time, your resume is ready, you have a focus what kind of jobs you want to move in, maximum, within a week, you start applying for the jobs. 

In addition, our Information Retrieving Process helps in identifying your key strengths, weaknesses and the way to mitigate this gap, the resume writing process itself prepares you for an interview. 

Say, for example, you are paying SLN Brand Studio Rs. 5,000 for building your resume. Within a week, your resume is ready and you are 99% ready for the interview. You apply for the job, get an interview call, clear the interview and get placed, maximum, within a month. You start earning multiple times from that ‘Rs.5,000’, either as a hike compared to your previous job or a earning from the first salary, within a month.

Whereas, you keep Rs. 5,000 inside your wallet. Work on building your resume, apply for jobs. When there is no interview call, work on your resume again, apply for jobs again and the cycle goes on and on. 

How can I get the job by doing a resume myself?

Yes, of course you can get a job saving that money by doing resume by yourself. Sure, you have tried that already but still in a confused state whether to hire a professional writer or do it yourself. Right?

We are definitely not saying that you can't get a job without our help. You will eventually learn how to write a resume which can earn you a job. But, it may take many days to months for reaching that level. If you have tried for many months and achieved no interview call, then it is high time getting a professional help. 

Remember, professionally done resume will get you an interview call, not a JOB. 

If someone assures you a job by doing your resume, beware, think twice, check for 'real' testimonials from 'real' clients before hiring. You need to clear the interview to get that job. 

Beyond wasting time and money, think about the frustration a job search can bring in…..Take an informed decision NOW.


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