Tuesday, 12 April 2016

LinkedIn Business profile page for my company - does it really help?

Have you heard about ATL? ATL is nothing but ‘Above The Line Advertising.’

ATL is the marketing strategy where social media is involved to support brands. The businesses and corporates are able to reach out to the wider spread of audience.

In recent scenarios, one of the powerful and fastest way to reach mass audience is none other than LinkedIn. Yes, you heard it right. LinkedIn is not only for individuals, the businesses can achieve huge benefits as well.

LinkedIn Company pages are very essential; not only for creating brand awareness but also as a part of sustainability strategy.  Read on.

How to make use of products and services section in LinkedIn Company profile?

You can use this area to showcase your products/services. Make sure that the content is delivered in a way such that readers pulled inside to get to know more about your products or services. At the same time, make SEO friendly keywords and phrases in your content as the social media world revolves around SEO and you are easily noticed in searches.

Using relevant pictures and images in your LinkedIn Company profile page:

“A picture is worth thousand words.” Pictorial presentation makes your LinkedIn Company page visually presentable to the visitors. The probability of lead generation is very high here. To enhance your visibility and improve viewer experience use relevant pictures and images in your LinkedIn Company profile page.

Sharing videos in your LinkedIn company profile page to stand unique among herd:

Adding more videos and visual effects will largely make a difference from your competitor. Single video of a user story will make double the time impact compared to a 50 pages of document. Make use of the opportunity.

Keep your audience engaged in a regular basis:
  • Regularly update the happenings from the company end. It can be a summary from a newsletter, a small appreciation from a client to getting an award from a global committee.
  • Host a contest and announce attractive prizes. Encourage and engage more audience through innovative thoughts and practices
  • Keep linking your company website and blogposts

Yes, managing a LinkedIn Profile sure is time consuming. Engage one of your employees to manage your LinekdIn business profile page. If not, outsource it to the professionals who are good at doing the same.

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