Tuesday, 7 March 2017

3 Important Things to do before Building a Website - 3 P Model: Plan, Price and Product

More than a billion (and counting) websites available today, everyone is talking about being Unique.
How can it be done?

Are businesses unique today? Nope, No business is unique today.

You talk about a business idea thinking that it is Unique. Do a market research. There are already players existed in the market and trending in different levels…..

You talk about a Unique website, end up having one that is very similar to the Billions available online…..

Sounds Familiar, hua?

What is UNIQUE then? Let us define the solution as well here……….

There are three most important things to do before you decide on your website.

Implement 3 P model in your web design architecture.

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Content Architecture in your website

You would have seen this in our SLN Brand Studio website. We follow ‘three circle of information architecture’ model while building content architecture for our client’s website. 

How does it work? 

Create your content architecture based on the business you do and the value you add to your customer. Do not build content for the sake of having all the keywords related to your business.

Infact, we suggest you develop a content architecture as a first thing, even before talking to a web designer. This practice will give more clarity on how your website should look like.

Make sure the content creates a brand for you which will automatically bring in leads. Need help in website design layout creation, talk to us.

We can help you:

-          How to develop your web design layout?
-          How to build content that brings in leads and business without impacting the business context?

Understand various costs related to building your website

Domain Name

Such terms and associated cost could be scary especially if you are building a website for the first time. Been there, Done that….

Before investing on any of these services, wait. There are designers who will do all these within a single packaged price. Leave it to them and work on building your business. Webbazaar helped building our website.

Talk to a designer and understand how all these services work. To understand more and negotiate better, you can read about costs pertaining to owning a website.

That BIG & BEAUTIFUL Image that sits on your website

A cup with Green Tea, Antique looking Table, A person with a computer or iPAD, some greenery, Library like structure, a computer, office room, conference hall……

Randomly check few websites now….. One in 5 or 10 websites, you will see atleast one Image from the above list?

Now, check whether these images make any sense or connect anything with the business you want to talk about. Nope, right?

This is what happens when people have a ‘Following Herd’ mentality. Ask your designer to work on the images that speaks volume about YOUR business.

We can help you to make informed decision on branding and images as well…….

Building a website is not a big deal if you do it well from the beginning. Do the basics right!!!