Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters, Blogs, Articles, Press Reports, YouTube to create Brand Image?

“I have a confession to make”

One of the trainees said in a hurried voice, a young entrepreneur in early 20s who wanted to build a brand towards her product selling. It was during a coffee break in one of my brand building workshop. She was looking here and there as if she were to spill a bean which will explode into an atom bomb.

“I spend hours together on the internet without even knowing what’s happening around me. This includes all of possible social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, articles etc.,” she continued saying, “I can sense many of you are like me!” and looked at my face for some re-assurance.

I smiled at her and told that I would cover how to effectively utilise social media in my workshop. Social Media is indeed A Gateway to Branding.

Few ‘Gyaan’ here from my workshop for my beloved readers on the key impact social media do to build a business brand!

Social Media and Branding

A recent research conducted by E-consultancy services proved that nearly 71% of brands prefer to invest in social media advertising to promote their brands. The main aim of this research was to find out ways to attract new followers to build brand reputation.

SLN Brand Studio - Various types of Social Media Portals

Social media helps majorly in achieving Brand Equity, Brand Value and Brand Image.

How to Use Social Media to achieve Brand Equity?

Sales Force, a company that provides Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions uses Facebook page which is connected with real-time clients. They also ask thought provoking questions and share various blogs to keep their customers engaged.

An Interior Designer keeps posting the pictures/images of her work on Instagram that keeps popping up every now and build brand equity in both B2B or B2C segments.

SLN Brand Studio Facebook page is extensively used for brand promotion majorly through knowledge sharing.

SLN Brand Studio - Connection between Social Media and Branding

How to Use Social Media to Build Brand Image?

Brand image for any market segment can be improved by effectively using social media.

Hubspot, a company that provides marketing software solutions amazes its audience by having a balanced tweeting schedule in twitter. The customers are engaged and kept alive by posting numerous discussions on various products. Such practice increases the value of knowledge the company shares and in-turn boosts its brand image.

Starbucks was an early adopter of social media. The coffee chain giant made their presence Omni present by including special features such as offers, store locators, menu, job posting on the Facebook page.

LinkedIn company profile creates huge impact on building Brand Image. Learn how to design your LinkedIn company profile here.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Brand Value?

Do you have a website but struggling to build traffic? Social media can be your best friend to boost up the traffic. Millions of users from the networking sites can become your followers building up the brand value.

Blogs about your brand that provides reviews and positive statements can add up to the value. This might speed up chances of press reports about a particular product.

Cisco Systems, the IT networking giant share videos on YouTube to engage, educate and inform customers on networking solutions without directly selling their product. This increases the value users hold for the product by multiple times.

Have you heard of Paw Patrol? Ask a 5 year old, they will give you a complete record of what they are. That is the reach the gaming company has created using social media portals. The series of this game pops up during YouTube video or in all kids’ blogs which makes it inquisitive for the children to explore more about them.

So, do you feel your product should sway the hearts or be at the top of ‘the most talked about product’? Then why wait to become a tech savvy?  Bang on with social media. Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram pictures, blogs, articles, pins are the fastest vehicles to take your brand on tour thereby increasing its presence in the hearts and minds of the users.

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