Thursday, 31 March 2016

6 Best and Easy to Do Personal Branding Strategies


Apart from the word ‘globalization’, in the recent years, ‘personal branding’ is one more term being used widely by the professionals. Branding is one term which is always connected with the corporate, companies or products. Now, connecting it with the individuals has created paradigm shift to the traditional recruitment processes. 

Ok, I can hear you asking why I should build a personal branding. Just read on.

First impression is always the best. The impression created by a job seeker will have an impact on the decision the recruiters make. Due to recession and the global economic turmoil in the recent times, competition has gone too high and in turn personal branding has become one important tool to lead in this race.

Did you know even some simple things can ruin your job search process?

Email Id: Pet name is to be used only among friends and family. You should avoid using such names in the email id used for a job search. Using your full name (first as well last name) in the email id is advisable to create a personal branding. Recruiter will also remember your name very well. will look like an email id of your pet doggy.

Mobile Ring Tone: At least until you get into a job, avoid keeping any movie songs, religious songs, animal sounds, baby sounds, or movie dialogues as your mobile ring tones. Recruiter may not want to listen to the songs until you pick the phone and it may create a negative opinion about you. Remember, recruiters work in a busy schedule and do not like their time be wasted. If you want to amuse your friends & family, customize the ring tones, so that recruiters don’t get irritated.

IM Messages: Do not leave nasty, sarcastic, depressive messages in your IM status boxes (G-talk, Skype, Yahoo messenger). When I tried to contact a client while writing his resume, tried reaching him on ‘whats app’. ‘You do not know what I undergo at this moment’ was the status I saw there and the feel was so negative. If the recruiter see this message, he may think that you are undergoing some serious psychological issues and end up doubting your productivity at work. Leaving it blank or a positive message can make a neutral or positive opinion about you.

Blog: If you are a blogger, create blogposts in the relevant field in which you are applying for a job. If you are confident enough, you can also encourage your friends to participate in your blog forums. Remember to include your blog link (url) in your resume.

Social Media Sites: Use your official and full name while creating your accounts in LinkedIn. Do not just ctrl C or ctrl X and ctrl P. Create a profile with unique information and give out the key information in a crisp tone and voice.

Resume: Resume is the primary key to land in any job. Make sure you have a professional written resume with machine readable keywords to search a job in India. If necessary get help from professionalresume writers. Creating an online resume will definitely add a value in creating a personal branding. Resume file name should have your name along a term that shows your skill or qualification. For example Ram resume_MBA or Ram Resume_IT will lead a great way to your dream job.

While searching with your name through search engines, recruiter should be able to find your online resume, contribution in blogs and social media sites that can create a positive impression in their mind. Make sure you understand how to use these tips to build your personal branding.