Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Build Brand using Various Marketing Materials? Part 2 - Understanding USP of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Newsletters, Blogs, Articles, Press Reports, YouTube

Can SLN Brand Studio help manage our Social Media Marketing?

This is one of the frequently asked questions we encounter as we stress on using social media in brand building. Before committing ourselves, we ask our clients to understand various social media portals commonly used in building business.

Here's some briefing for you, our beloved online readers.

Newsletter – A bulletin or written report usually a 1 page document often circulated amongst a particular group of people with specific interest that covers information on a particular subject. A newsletter may follow various writing styles such as chat or serious discussion or light hearted note depending on the targeted audience. It may also contain graphs, charts, photographs that are generally considered to be more informative than being attractive.

SLN Brand Studio Newsletter Sample
Some clients prefer more image and less content in their newsletter communication. 

SLN Brand Studio - Sample Newsletter

Press Reports – A written or recorded communication officially declared by authorities of an organisation in the news media or the purpose of announcing something worthy.

Facebook – Popular social networking sites that allow users to create a profile and expand their network for free. It is used both for professional and personal purposes. SLN Brand Studio uses its Facebook page extensively for knowledge sharing.

Twitter – Like Facebook,twitter is a social networking site where the registered users can post short messages with maximum 140 characters. The latest topics are discussed here amongst the twitter users and are accessible from any web interface.

Instagram – Instagram slightly varies from the above two social networking sites. It is mainly a photo or video sharing platform. Photos of branding documents are shared here to promote products to a vast crowd.

Blogs - Online personal journals that share information on various topics and updated regularly. The casual and conversational tone is used to attract followers. Images make a great difference as well here.

Read our blog posts written in various styles, you can choose your preferred style, we will write for you.

Articles – A piece of writing composed on a particular topic usually published in newspapers, magazines or online media. The articles considered for marketing purposes usually follow tabloid style of writing with bold & attractive headings. 

LinkedIn – A social networking site where a group of registered business professionals’ team up to build a network and also benefit from the subject knowledge shared in the forums and discussions. Businesses can have a company LinkedIn profile page to attract more followers.

Follow SLN Brand Studio to understand how it works. 

Pinterest – This networking platform works like a pin board where we pin up all the important pages or notes. The Web Pages, articles, photos, images, infographics are pinned to boards created by users. This allows easy reference in future. The images are picked while searching and lead to respective web sites.

Mail advertisement – A marketing tactic that uses mail or email (in case of online marketing) to circulate their branding documents such as brochures, pamphlets, flyers etc. to create awareness about their product/service.

YouTube – YouTube is one best place to share you marketing videos, branding PPTs, profile information, sample services (like training programs,) among millions of viewers.

The best part with social media is one need not be techsavy to use these for their personal and business growth. The user friendly make it more attractive and but, make sure you are managing your time well.

Reach us to understand more on this. 

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