Tuesday, 13 February 2018

“Your Blog………Your Brand”

Many times we come across information about how someone has made it big by blogging. People have quit their high-profile jobs and gone into writing blogs. Amit Agarwal, an IIT graduate from India, started his blogging site Labnol.org in 2004. Amit left his career to become the first professional blogger from India, and his Labnol is where you can find technology simplified for you.

People log off from their systems at home or office, get into their cars or as a matter any mode of transport that they use and log in again via their phones. What is happening all the time online?


These are few terms that we come across every minute. What is a Viral Content? 

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Viral content is something that can spread overnight as a matter of fact, within minutes. Here, creating such a compelling content is significant if you are working towards building a brand through your personal or professional blogs.

How does blogging help you?

  • You create a trusted online platform that is worth reading and at the same time making it a perfect and efficiently market you/your product/services.      
  • No direct selling here but you grow an audience base and establish the value you bring them 
  • Give you that exposure as an expert in your respective field and thus the readers take you more seriously

However, creating a blog that becomes a brand is not something easy to do. Do you want to check if your content is elevating your brand value?

Answer these few questions. You will ultimately find the answers that you are looking. 

1.      Is your blog short and relevant?    Yes/ No

If your answer is Yes, then you are in the right direction because a concise and appropriate blog is essential to gain the attention of the reader. The online readers usually have a very short attention span.

If No then the content has to be worked upon with much of the irrelevant material being cut down upon and content specific article be written. For example, if it is a blog for recipes, it is always better to stick to a few facts rather than writing unwanted things for pages. The visitors tend to scroll down to the actual content or leaving the page.

2.      Is your content genuine & supported by Facts? 

The content has to be 100% genuine and truthful, or else it would lose out on the loyalty of the audience and not gain sustainability. Achieving user loyalty is extremely tough whereas losing it very easy and happens in a jiffy.

For example, if writing about travel and adventure, it would always do to present facts about the place, how to get there, and the pros and cons truthfully rather than glorify it with false data. 

3.      Is it unique and exciting to read?

The Online reading material has to be well presented with a unique writing style that is distinctive to the blogger.

Why do you think Amitabh Bachchan write blogs?

The ‘Big B,’ Mr. Amitabh Bachchan does not need any introduction. Just because he is a well-known personality and a good actor, he cannot build and retain a readership to his blogs. Through unique content, he has created insight into a character of his that is not known to many.

Not only the topic, but the way one writes must also be unique enough to intrigue interest in the reader’s mind. Check out if the content is your blog interests the readers. 

4.      Does your blog define you?

“Many people are doing what you are doing….do not know how to make it unique.”
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Is this what is bothering you? Remember, the experiences are unique for different people. A habit or your ability which you think as 'common' or a 'normal' could be a great one for someone else. They may even struggle writing the way as you do with an ease.

You focus on creating a content that will provide value in your way. Write about your own experiences and lessons learned thus making the posts more powerful, personal, and relevant.

For example, you would have come across many ‘how to series?’. However, keenly notice the ones that are most visited or popular. Do you see a similarity? 

Yes, the series with more ‘tried and tested’ methods, real-time examples and simple to understand methodologies help to acquire more visitors. Without a compelling content, even with attractive images, retaining the readership and followers would be highly challenging. 


5.      Are you covering too much too fast?

This caution is, especially for the starters. Always create a content targeting a targetted audience. Writing too many things on a single blog to cover more extensive audience will not help in building brand equity. 

Remember, create only a relevant and genuine content. Do not just fill the page with unwanted keywords.

Unwanted Keyword Spamming will kill the Brand Image.

6.      Are you creative and consistent?

Content architecture is an art. Become an artist. 

With loads of gadgets, information scattered all around us, the readers, users, audience quickly get bored, with repeated content. Use your creativity, design attractive images, share podcasts, videos and other tools to make your content better read.

How to start a blog is not the hard part but being stable and growing a considerable, devoted audience can be quite challenging.