Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Most Important Tips to use Facebook and Twitter for your Job Search

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook will help you indirectly to get your dream job. 

How can Facebook help in getting a job?

When you are applying for a job in India, check if that employer has an account in Facebook. You can add your profile with theirs and get to know about the latest happenings and job opportunities. Learning the latest information about the organization will help to get through the interview process. 

Social Media Brand Image 

Get to know what the prospective company is upto and use such information effectively during the interview process.

Using Facebook Page for a Job Search: You may also create a Facebook page to build brand image. Create one which is relevant to your skillset and add value to your profile. Follow recruiter/ business pages to get to know the opportunities and connect with them online. Participate in relevant discussions and share your knowledge to create a positive impact.

Facebook Groups to get into your dream Job: Like Facebook page, you can either create a group or particpate in healthy discussions raised in relevant groups. Create a positive environment through your words and develop a brand image for yourself. 

How to use twitter to land in your dream job in India?

Recruiters in India consider twitter as a great tool for sharing information about their requirements. Make sure you are connected with the professionals and follow organizations through twitter to become their potential candidate quickly. Tweeting the relevant information and latest happenings in the field related to your job search will create the best personal branding and leave an optimistic impression.

Considering the increasing population in the job market in today’s world, receiving information about a job opportunity earlier and using them appropriately by using social media and professional network sites are the most important factors