Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Case Studies Help a Great Deal in Propelling your Brand Image

"If people like you, they will listen to you
 If people Trust you, they will do business with you"
Navid Moazzez

Shopping....This word itself brings in lot of energy and joy in our minds, even if it is window-shopping. Isn’t it? Yes, it might be a scary thing for some thinking about a budget. But, be it ‘online’ or ‘in stores’, no one can deny the joy a shopping experience brings around. 

Ok, tell us now, what is the first thing you normally consider when you want to purchase something? Yes, definitely a ‘BRAND’. As you think of a product or a service, there is one specific brand that flashes in your mind, Isn’t it? The ability of the companies to bring in their products/services to ‘flash’ in our mind are known to have created the right ‘BRAND IMAGE’. For example, TCS, the leading consulting services company uses case studies as a great tool to market their brand by developing knowledge base to the stakeholders. 

Content Marketing helps a great deal to create such brand image. Now, with the same ‘joyful’ mode, read ahead to understand the analogy behind ‘Case Studies’ and ‘Branding’.


The Brand Image must always keep up with the standards for better positioning and achieving competitive advantage.  Most of the businesses use 3Ps Model to develop Brand Image.

3P Model Brand Image - Case Study
-          What is the purpose of creating this particular brand?
-          What is the range of customer this brand targets?
-          What are the value prepositions of the brand?

-          What are the capabilities of establishing a brand?
-          What does it require to sustain the position?

-          What does it take to fulfill what we promised?
-          What are promises to be offered in future?

It is important for an organization to do a thorough research in order to bring up the brand image to new heights. Cash Studies are the best ways to conduct researches and establish themselves as the leaders in the industry.


Don’t we all find it easier to understand with examples or real life incidents? Yes, case studies typically offer the same. It involves analysis, application, reasoning and inferences to pinpoint strategies to be adopted for any given situation.  

Testimonials from clients open up and widen the potential new markets to the businesses. Case studies go beyond simple testimonials in branding. By establishing real-life examples of how you were able to satisfy your customer’s needs and help them accomplish their goals, the businesses can win many new customers. With great case studies, you will be able to highlight your success in a way that will make your potential leads to becoming your ideal customers


Case study and branding shares a beautiful analogy that flows to explain what it takes to make a customer get interested in that specific brand.

1.       Relate Business Context through Right Content
Once a potential customer reads through the case study, they will understand
  • Industry Standards
  • Specifications  
  • Industry targeted results
2.       Tells a story from Start to Finish
Case study explains the purpose of the brand starting from the mission of the organization, goals, targeted customers and ideas to meet the needs of the customer. This would give the readers an opportunity to understand that the goal is not only to satisfy the current needs but also adhere to the future.

3.      Easy to read format
No one likes to read a big chunk of text. Do you? Case study offers info-graphical methods that adopt headers, sub titles, charts and graphs which make it easier and interesting for customer to read through completely.

4.     Real Time Data
Proving the customers whether the product/service is worth the money they spent with the evidence, that too, real time example, will greatly elevate the brand image. Yes, this is exactly what a case study offers. The customers are provided with tangible results both graphically and pictorially. This picture proof can envision the reader better to understand the worth of the brand.

5.    Testimonial
Still in doubt if a case study could offer what is expected? That’s a reason we recommend including testimonials to prove the authenticity of information provided in the case studies.
Nothing like a word of mouth from another user, right! 


You will find numerous case studies published by the global giants on their websites. Have a look at some….

Few examples of market leaders who use case study as an approach to keep up their brand name. They connect to people through various forms of case study. 

To name a few:
  • Southwest airlines
  • IKEA
  • VISA 
  • NIKE  
  • Starbucks
Are you ready to evolve your brand as a leader? 

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