Friday, 25 December 2015

Build your Online Personal and Professional Brand - How to use LinkedIn for your job search?

Using LinkedIn and other social media will be very helpful to land in your dream job in India. Did you know that recruiters in India use search engines to find out more information about a candidate? 

Yes, Recruiters all over the globe use LinkedIn portal and LinkedIn apps to get in touch with their candidates. Online portals help recruiting agencies, consultants and job seekers to quickly connect for a job in India. 

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is considered to be the best professional networking tool among employers and recruiters to find more information about a candidate.

Build a neat LinkedIn profile: Build your LinkedIn profile in an order by mentioning title, company name(s), your position(s), brief description about the role(s) and responsibility and start and end date / year you worked for each employer. The information provided in your resume and LinkedIn profile need to be in sync. Be careful on what you write in your LinkedIn Profile. A good, professional photograph makes a great difference in your profile.

Get connections through your LinkedIn profile: In today’s world, network is the primary tool to land in any job. There are various ways available to connect with your network on LinkedIn. Using your mail connect to sync is the best option to increase your connections. Search your school, college, work friends and colleagues including your teachers, professors, boss and add them to your network. 

You will be amazed at the connections you are able to make through LinkedIn. If you come across any suitable position, you can get help from connections who are working with that potential employer to quickly push your resume.

Remember, many companies have 'referral' program, you network will be very much willing to help you and earn as well. Don't hesitate to ask for help here.

Get Recommendations and Endorsements in your LinkedIn profile: Once the connections are made, get recommendations and endorsements from your teachers, professors, peers and boss. You can also get recommendation from people who work under you which will act as 360 degree feed back.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover
Join LinkedIn groups: Join multiple groups related to your field and share your views by participating in forum discussions. Be careful what you are writing about. Your views can make or break your brand image.

LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn gives an option to share your articles in form of LinkedIn posts. Make better use of it to create a brand image

Additionally, sharing information about the books you are reading related to your job will help to build a good impression.

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