Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Using images while writing a blog, Is it REALLY necessary?

One thing that have always amazes me is looking at people sitting near the ponds and pools for long hours and enjoying their fishing experience. While waiting for a fish to get the taste of the worm inside, they get to enjoy the serenity the experience brings in. Sometimes, they get a lot and other times, not even a single one. But, the experience they get is awesome. Isn’t it?

Blogging is almost similar to fishing. When we leaf through the popular blogs…… doesn’t matter what the topic is about……we can find some undeniable nuts and bolts to hit. Images in blogs and articles create such beautiful experience, Anyone deny that?

One of the promising way to catch viewers is using images while writing a blog. No doubt that the expression of ideas using words are effective. But dressing up in an unusual cosmetic attracts more readers which can become good leads and then a business. Just like in an ice cream shop, a banner of flavours topped with creamy effects along with nuts and chocolate, images pull the readers inside the blogs.  

Colors and Images

In today’s world everybody wants an extra look in everything. Always, give a nice feel with the appropriate images in your blogs. The business researches and marketers always suggest using appropriate pictures, images, clip arts in corporate documents to gain noticeable results.

Did you know Images improve efficiency, enhance communication and ultimately boost lead generationContent marketing without an image is a delicious meal without salt.

Marketing is not possible without Quality content. It is a strategic tactic of marketing to retain the current clientele and to attract prospective customers. Recently, Researchers uncovered a truth that the coloured visuals cheer up people’s willingness to browse a part of content. Instead of hearing and searching for something that they are very comfortable with, the relevant images with their desired topic acts like an icing on a cake. This is popularly branded as visual content marketing.

Key advantages of using images in content marketing:

Images in Blogs
  • Images Highlights difficult information and expresses professionalism
  • Images make the best impression about the topic
  • Images enhance the reader’s attention level up to the mark so the readers connect with the topic quickly

Most important part is time consumption. This fast-pact and globalized scenario made business to provide information in a crisp and clear manner. Pictorial representations make it simple.

Social Media Images like in Instagram and Pinterest generate more engagements which can become a potential and long term business perspectives.

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